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Nov. 28th, 2006


Alley Cast Ep 6 Delayed

Due to some real life stuffs (real life, its overrated we tell you!) we are going to be unable to put out the next episode of AlleyCast until after the Yule Ball festivities. So our time with Jon of Sue & the Hufflepuffs and tales of Yule Ball fun will be delayed for about three weeks. Stay tuned though, it'll all be worth the wait!


Nov. 9th, 2006

made by vejgurl


Episode 4 is now is session. Good morning class.

Some topics discussed are:

- David Yates and movie times
- The value of Jo's signature
- Jo is our Hero!
- A fan in need of your help!
- The Gleam of Triumph... again.
- SongFics
- Still begging for school songs
- HogPods (TM)
- Parselmouths Interview
- Anything We Want

Run time is approx 1 hr, 7 min.

Thanks again for Brittany and Kristina for coming out to play with us!

And links to topics:

Bad Penny does good, supporting a family's petition to be on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Brown Coat, Green Eyes, by nonjon- HP/Firefly crossover fic. Okay, so I only made it through thirty chapters. It's still freaking awesome.

The Harry Potter Alliance

Underage Magic in Poa- thread of the week.

A Hundred Years by antonia_east- songfic that doesn't suck! Yay!

send examples of bad songfic to zuzuanni @ yahoo.com

send your school songs to alleycast @ knockturn.org

Use sendthisfile to send your school song!

the Parselmouths Order/preorder the album

Homework for next class : Makani's art.

Oct. 29th, 2006

made by vejgurl


If I Had a Hammer, I'd Hammer out a Podcast.

Left click to listen, right click to download.

Jen is back, and It’s a shorter show this week, coming in at about 47 minutes. It’s a bit light on canon discussion, but we announce some extremely exciting news about next weeks show!

Some topics discussed are:

- The Parselmouths – Evil Witch Rock!
- OOTP movie news, Trailer dates, Mark Williams ass and D-Rad adjusting his pants.
- The Black Family Tree
- More crazy Fic titles
- KA School Song updates, Megs submisison
- House Elves ARE fun to kick around!

Give us a download and spend 47 minutes with some of KA’s dodgiest Harry Potter fans!
(note the word some)

Fics called out this weekCollapse )

Still awesome: Wreck the Malls, by bleedcolor. Best disclaimer ever: "Not mine. Jesus owns Christmas, sorry. Oh. And J.K. owns Harry and Draco."

the Black Family Tree- like you haven't seen that already

the Parselmouths

Oct. 21st, 2006

made by vejgurl


Episode 2 Declared Fit for Human Consumption!

Right click to download

On this week's episode:

- Sue and the Hufflepuffs
- Megs Harry and the Potters Experience
- Harry Potter Theme Park Ideas
- OOTP movie news, and who should direct movies 6 and 7.
- Gilderoy's Cure for Lycanathropy
- Harry Potter Video Games
- FanFic Titles and Summaries.... whats the go?
- Update on the KA Rendition of the School Song
- Would you like to pet my Badger?

Here are some links to keep yourselves occupied:

First, a rec named Wreck...

Wreck the Malls by bleedcolor - I talked about this fic simply because I found the title so tantalizing. And the fic is awesome. H/D, fluffy and funny.

Second, a fic rec with a wreck of a title

Harry Potter and the Power of Emotion by Melindaleo Don't hold the title against the fic. It's amazing.

And for my final ficcish trick, the wrecks...(Disclaimer: I haven't actually read these)Collapse )

Boston's Magickal Mythopoeic Movie Group

Shifts by FernWithy wildly good R/T fic.


KA! what else?

Oct. 14th, 2006

Sue and the Hufflepuffs


Episode 1 is up!

Episode 1 of AlleyCast is up!

Download here!

I'd like to thank Sarah for helping out with all sorts of stuff, Donna for the hookup with the Trumpet music, and for her efforts to get us a full theme song. Of course HUGE thanks to Jen and Megs for their enthusiasm and for playing with me! And also thanks to Jon from Sue and the Hufflepuffs for his awesomeness. I'd also like to thank my computer for not crashing while I was editing the massive files. :)

Enjoy! Please let us know what you think of it, and friend us on MySpace